ClassDojo story I – 3.16

Once upon a time there was a student named Mojo. Like most monsters his age, he spent a lot of time at school. Every day, he was learning new things and hanging out with his monster friends on the playground, just like you’d expect.

But, Mojo’s favorite thing to do in the whole world was bring his imagination to life. No one in town knew it yet, but he was one of the most creative little monsters you’d ever meet.

Anytime his teacher gave in-class assignments, or group projects to work on, Mojo just couldn’t wait. It was time for him to break out his creativity and all the skills he’d been learning, and create magic!

One day in school, he wrote a poem about fighting off ferocious dragons, built a tower out of toothpicks and marshmallows, and solved a tricky math problem about flying brooms. Not everything was perfect, but Mojo knew that every day he was getting better and better, and even more creative.

But then, as the day ended, the teacher pulled out a big milk crate so students could put away their classwork. Mojo delicately walked up to the front of the room with his toothpick tower. After placing it in the crate, he knew that no one would see what he created until much later… especially his parents. “Why create magic if no one’s going to see it?” he thought to himself.

Well, with today’s release, ClassDojo wants to change the end to this monster tale.

We’re excited to announce that Student Stories are here! Students can add photos and videos to their own digital portfolio for just their parents and teacher to see. Teachers approve student posts from their account and can also add directly to any student’s Story. Best of all for Mojo, posts are instantly shared home — like magic!

We hope you and your Student Stories live happily ever after!
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The ClassDojo Team