ClassDojo story II – 4.0.0

Maya paused, her gaze sweeping across every rapt face in the cramped newsroom. „…and THAT is what makes a great story!“, she crescendoed finally, to a delighted peal of applause from the assembled monsters.

„But isn’t a picture worth a thousand words?“ asked Katie as the applause died down. „Yes! And that’s why we have Mojo on our news team“ smiled Maya.

Mojo grinned and waved awkwardly, but inside he was nervous. So far, his term as photographer had not gone well. He had been on the scene when the bird flew into the assembly hall, but he fumbled with his camera straps and missed the moment. When Bruce zip-lined into the sandbox, he forgot that his lens cap was still on. Words hardly did the story justice.

Being a photographer, Mojo thought, was about capturing moments. Mojo wanted to capture the surprises, the triumphs, the disappointments, the learning and above all the sheer *excitement* of being a young monster. Yet he was still only as fast as his camera, and it felt like the moments were passing him by. There had to be a better way.

Today ClassDojo is proud to announce:

* A beautiful (and speedy!) camera button, so you never miss a moment. Add to your Class Story or any Student Stories.
* A slick side menu that lets you find the right class instantly
* An intuitive and lightning fast way to add posts to a student’s Story – just tap the student!

Mojo picked up his new camera and smiled. Though the story of this school year hadn’t been written yet, he was already confident that he would be there to capture it.